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That breath you’ve been holding for a long time now?  Let it go. You’re here.

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I want to be the last therapist you’ll ever have.

Hi ,I'm Abby.

You’ve tried therapy before, maybe even a few times, and just never felt that right something that led to lasting change. You’re craving a genuine connection with a therapist who truly gets you. You want someone authentic, who radiates positive, joyful energy. Someone who will walk with you on this journey instead of making you feel like you're just venting without ever truly feeling better. I’m so glad we found each other. I will honor your story, help you understand your past, and celebrate your strengths so you can finally start feeling better.

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Adulting 101

Stop doubting yourself and get clarity on what you truly want in your life. You can do this. Let's get started!

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Stress and Anxiety

That overwhelming feeling of doing this all alone and never being enough ends here. We’re in this together.

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EMDR and Trauma

Finally heal the things about your past that you still feel stuck in, in the safety of a trusting clinical relationship.

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I'm glad you're here.

Let me introduce myself.

I promise to always see the best in you, unconditionally, even when it’s sometimes hard for you to see it yourself. The second we get started you’ll feel the comfort of my warm, kind energy. Nothing is too hard or too heavy for me to carry. I’m here for the real you...the messy, fearful, utterly brave, and courageous you. In this moment, you’re on the brink of profound change.


Let’s do this together! 


Abby holds an impressive amount of knowledge about human growth, connection, and gaining self-esteem. She taught me healthy coping skills and encouraged appropriate boundary-setting that felt attainable to me. I will always be thankful for our time and she will always be my number one choice as a therapist.

-Former Client


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